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  If we want to complete tasks efficiently and effectively,it is necessary for people to work with each other. In modern society,the spirit of team work has been attached much importance to.

  It is generally believed that cooperation is of great vital to the final success of a team.Without cooperation,a person is unable to succeed,especially in this increasingly interdependent society.By cooperation,strengths of each member of a group can be integrated so that the goal can be achieved easily.

  To sum up,it is significant for people to cooperate with others.Only when we work together,can the ultimate success be achieved from which each individual can benefit a lot.

  The choice of life_人生的选择四级英语作文200字

  This simple picture represents a situation that every person must face: when approaching ajunction, which direction should one choose?

  Most viewers can empathize with the sense of hesitation and uncertainty embodied insuch an image. Without exception, everyone has to make choices in life, whether they concernschool, career, or love. While some choices are simple, one cannot avoid the task of makingdifficult decisions.

  Choices are often directly related to one"s happiness. University students,for example, facea hard and crucial decision upon graduating. Many students have difficulty deciding whether tocontinue studying or begin developing a career. Every individual is different, and one must takethe factors of one"s personal life into consideration. In addition to an awareness of specificcircumstances, however, making the right choice also depends on correct appraisal of oneself.

  In order to choose correctly, therefore, one must be both realistic and self aware.Furthermore, once having made a decision, one should seriously accept and pursue the pathone has chosen, and strive towards the realization of one"s goal with spirit.



  In the above picture, .The promising phenomenon depicted by this picture reflects the spirit/importance of .

  The importance of for the development of a person and the society has repeatedly been proved throughout the history.However,only recently in the fast -paced and competitive 21st century,has it become incomparably vital to people and the society.It is no exaggeration to say that if is not practiced/achieved/made/gained,it will be difficult for a person to successfully adapt to the ever-changing modern world and the personal failure,if becoming commonplace,may cause the serious social problem.Fortunately,in the modern society ,we are provided with great opportunities to ,since .

  has magic power.It can directly or indirectly bring people resources,energy and inspiration,things which are usually considered as the key to success.Its value is beyond doubt.Therefore,we should .

  Talent show_电视选秀四级英语作文240字

  Attending TV PK Shows Does No Good toYoung People Nowadays, TV PK shows are great hits in China and have attracted a large number ofadolescents.

  Some youngsters even give up their studies to attend these shows in the hope ofwinning their fame overnight. Some people argue that these shows provide young people morechance to show talents, while others assume that attending these shows does no good to thejuvenile. As for me, I prefer to the latter opinion.

  It should be admitted that some young people like Li Yuchun has stood out from thenumerous attendants in the PK show, but that doesn’t mean attending the PK shows is agood way to become successful for teenagers. The following reasons can support my view. Firstand foremost, TV PK shows breed restlessness and induce young people to hunt after fameat whatever cost. Furthermore, TV PK shows can subvert the youngsters’ values.

  They clingto the idea that attending the PK shows is a shortcut to success, so they may despise the wayof achieving success by hard work. Finally, if the young fail in these shows, they will suffer apsychological unbalance. In a word, entering for TV PK shows is not a good way for young people to achievesuccess. I hold the opinion that young people should think twice before deciding to attend PKshows.



  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay based on the picture below. You should start your essay with a brief description of the picture and then comment on the importance of deep reading. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


  Deep Reading in Modern Life

  At the picture depicts, a father told his son that he should read deeply rather than merely pursue the quantity of reading materials. It reflects that people tend to browse and scan e-books without stopping to ponder even one question. The way we read is so superficial that it arouses great concern in modern life.

  To be a better reader, we had better do as follows. For one thing, take notes about crucial details as we used to do. Taking notes can avoid the phenomenon that the more we read online or on smart phones, the less we seemed to memorize. For another, classics deserve to be savored by the contemporary people. For example, some classical novels can be read free on Kindle, which makes them popular among youngsters again. What's more, if we did not make summaries from time to time, nothing that we learnt from e-books would truly be ours.

  In conclusion, when we enjoy digital reading, we should consciously conducts deep reading. Try our best to keep those good habits which are acquired in the process of paper reading, such as intensive reading and deep thinking.

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Can Money Buy Happiness? You should write no less than 100 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

  1. 有人认为金钱是幸福之本 (source of happiness)

  2. 也有人认为金钱是万恶之源 (root of all evil)

  3. 我的看法


  Can money buy happiness? Various people have various answers. Some people think that money is the source of happiness. With money, one can buy whatever he enjoys. With money, one can do whatever he likes. So, in their minds, money can bring comfort, security, and so on. Money, as they think, is the source of happiness.

  But there are still a lot of others who think that money is the root of all evil. Money drives people to steal, to rob, and to break the law. A lot of people became criminals just because they were in search of money. And in the Western countries, there is nothing that can’t be bought by money. Many people lose their own lives when hunting it.

  I think that money is essential to life and we cannot do without money. But even though money is necessary to life, it can’t buy happiness. Happiness is not something that can be measured by money. It is a state of mind. One can have plenty of money, with which he can buy whatever he wants, and at the same time he is not happy because he is never satisfied or he is troubled by various kinds of problems. Therefore, although money is necessary for a happy life, it can’t buy happiness.

  When talk about tennis, most people’s reaction is money, because for Chinese people, it needs a lot of money to play tennis, so only the rich people can have the chance to be a tennis player. But now, as our country’s economy develops fast and the globalization of tennis, playing tennis is not an untouchable dream, everyone can have access to tennis.


  Tennis match is very popular in the western country, every year, there are a lot of tennis tour matches, ten years ago, not so many Chinese people know about the tennis matches, but as the game become more and more popular, people start to fall in love with tennis match. We can see that Chinese tennis players start to show on the world stage, they have won so much honor. Li Na is the first Asian player to win the grand slam, her great success inspires so many Chinese players to work on the tennis career.


  Tennis is the world’s third game, football and basketball rank first and second. The globalization of the tennis will make more and more people fall in love with tennis.


  Today, I happened to read the news that most celebrities pay special attention to their kids’ education, when the baby was inborn, they had already planed the school, they order the school with good fame for the purpose that their kids can have the chance to enter the good school. Some parents even ask their kids to learn several skills in a time when the kids are in primary school. Every parent wants their kids to be the best, but it needs to step by step.


  It is such common situation that most small kids need to take several after-class lessons, because the parents want their kids learn as more as possible, so they decide to send their children to learn many skills. In my opinion, the parents should not let their children learn so many classes in the early age, the kids need to spend some time to play with their friends, they need to breathe some fresh air. If the parents push them so much, the children will go against with the parents.


  Every parent wants to raise their kids to be the excellent persons, but they must take the right way, they need to give their kids some freedom.