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  what is friendship? It seems a very easy question,but in fact it is not. If two or more people who often play together are true friends? I don’t think so. Friendship is a kind of relationship between two or more people, which can improve people to communicate with each other. Also friendship can help people go through the hardest time and solving thorny problem.

  True friendship must base on trust, appreciation, common hobbies and ideal. People often say: ’True gold does not fear fire’. In the same way, True friendship does not fear the test of time. Some people had many friends when they are young, but when time went by, their friends went far away and had seldom communication. once one of them had a problem, which often is lack of money, he or she might get in touch with others soon. Actually, we are willing to lend money to them in most cases. But some of us are averse to do this. It is overwhelming because of the ‘friendship’. But this kind of friendship can just help us to solve some simple problems like borrowing money. Some important question which is about our mind or spirit cannot be solved.

  Trusting our true friends is trusting ourselves. If we can’t trust our friends, what can they do when we meet the big challenge? So we are sure that trust is the fundamental element. Then we must appreciate the others, and that’s why they appreciate us and respect us. Appreciation also means common hobbies and common ideal. That’s the most important thing, because the ideal is pure, great and durable and it has nothing to do with desire and benefit. It can combine us to the same way and then we can get success easier.

  How can we get the true friendship? we should get in touch, help each other and encourage each other. So it surfaces that friendship is not reason, but it is a result. Do you want to make more friends? Look for who has the same hobby with you, and then even look for the people on the same way.

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  Everyone has good friends. Do you have the friends who always forgive you even you hurt his hurt? I think few people can answer “Yes” immediately. It has been 4 years since the friendship between Nana and I broken up. I miss her very much. Sometimes the closer we are, the deeper the hurt is.

  Nana has ever been my best friend. we studied in the same elementary school,

  middle high school and senior school. we played together in our elementary school all the time. She was a sensitive girl and she was often angry with me for some little

  things. Every times I apologized to her, or we would be stuck in a cold war. As long as I said “sorry” to her, she would forgive me and we played together happily again. Time always flies quickly and nothing goes well forever. our friendship came to an end in our Grade 1 in senior school. All things began with my mP4. There was

  something wrong with my mP4 when I lent it to Nana. That’s my favorite thing, so I was so sad and angry that blamed her carelessness with some rude words. we had a bitter quarrel and finally our friendship has gone. She didn’t forgive me even though I apologized for my rude words. maybe she though I considered the machine more important than her.

  A few years later, I learned that friendship is not taking but giving. many other friends told me if she were a true friend, she would have paid more attention on my sadness rather than anger, and she could have forgiven me easily. But I know now, we should cherish our friends just like we expect they do to us. Remember and be care about that” The closer we are, the deeper the hurt is”.


  A life without a friend is a life without a sun. Friendship is one of the most important things in everyone's life.

  Friends are who changes your life just by being a part of it, who makes you believe that there really is good in the world, who convinces you that there really is an unlock door just waiting for you to open it.

  when you're down, friends lift you up. when you lose your way, friends guide you and cheer you on.

  So cherish your friend, Do not save your loving speeches.for your friends till they are dead.Do not write them on their tombstones, speak them rather now instead

  Friendship is indispensable to people's life. A man without friends is an angel without wings, whose life will suffer in the long tolerance of loneliness and depression. Friendship is the mother of our psych

  e, who'll warm her kid when hurt occurs. we have much to share with our friends in life, perplexity, excitement, bitterness etc. Alas, it's magnificent to maintain a genuine friendship.

  友谊对人的生活是不可缺少的。 没有朋友的一个人是天使没有翼,生活在寂寞和消沉长的容忍将遭受。 友谊是我们的灵魂的母亲,将温暖她的孩子,当创伤发生时。 我们在生活、困惑、兴奋,冤苦等有分享与我们的朋友。 呀,它是壮观的维护一个纯友情。

  It takes many special qualities to make a friend. Understanding should come first. only when we get a better understanding of each other can we gain an authentic and meaningful friendship. we may find our hobbies of

  common interests. This feeling of affinity gets us closer and closer. 它采取许多特别质量交朋友。 理解应该首先来。 只有当我们得到时更好的理解对彼此能我们获取地道和意味深长的友谊。 我们也许发现共同利益我们的爱好。 亲合力的`这种感觉得到我们更加接近和更加紧密。

  It also takes a special kind of love that seems to know no end. Never hesitate to show your heartfelt care and kindness to your friend when he/she is in trouble. Love is not selfish. Love is endowed by God that we should treasure all our life.

  它也采取不似乎知道末端的一特别爱。 当他或她是在麻烦时,不要犹豫显示您的衷心关心和仁慈对您的朋友。 爱不是自私的。 爱由God资助我们应该珍惜所有我们的生活

  Tolerance is the third essential part in friendship. we are absolutely different persons. This individual distinction may cause conflict between us in every aspect of our life. Don't immerse ourself in this infliction too long. Try to tolerant his/her in an introspective mood. Saints are not perfect, let alone those ordinary people like us. Afterwards, we should get a good communication. Never shy to confess.

  容忍是第三个主要部分在友谊。 我们是绝对不同的人。 这单独分别在我们的生活的每个方面也许导致冲突在我们之间。 太长期不要浸没ourself在这处罚。 尝试对宽容他/她一种内省的心情。 圣徒不是完善的,更不用说那些普通人象我们。 之后,我们应该得到好通信。 不要避开交代。

  Understanding, love and tolerance are the first three essences that comes to an authentic friendship. other qualities are also concerned such as thoughtfulness, trust and patience. Remember, friendship is your psyche's guard, treasure it

  来到地道友谊的理解、爱和容忍是前三精华。 其他质量也有关例如有思想性、信任和耐心。 记住,友谊是您的灵魂的卫兵,珍惜它



  Friendship is essential for the existence of society. People live in communities and work in co-operation so that they could protect themselves from nature. The successful accomplishment of any task calls for support from many people. It’s the friends who are willing to help us. Friendship is a guarantee of harmonious efforts.


  In the widest sense, all people are friends. People live in a common society, co-operating and helping each other directly or indirectly all the time. From this respective, anyone could be a friend of others to a certain degree. And it’s this kind of friendship that makes society harmonious though competition is universal.


  A friend in need is a friend indeed. Unfortunately, people are so complex in the modern society due to various reasons. Sometimes, we don’t really know who are our real friends. Adversity is the touchstone of friendship. That is to say, in hard times, it is easy for us to test whether the friendship is ture or not. No matter what happens, a true friend will never leave you alone and will always be with you.


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  Friendship Friends play an important part in our lives,and although we may take friendship for granted,we often dont clearly understand how we make friends.While we get on well with a number of people,we are usually friends with only a very few----for example,the average among students is about 6 per person.In all the cases of friendly relationships,two people like one another and enjoy being together.but beyond that,the degree of intimacy between them and the reasons for the shared interests vary enormously.As we get to know people we take into account things like age,race ,economic conditions,social position,and intelligence.Although these factors are not of prime importance,it is more difficult to get on with people when there is a marked difference in age and background.

  Some friendly relationships can be kept on argument and discussion,but it is usual for close friends to have similar ideas and beliefs,to have attitudes and interests in commen ---they often talk about being on the same wavelength .it generally takes time to reach this point.And the more intimately involved people become,the more they rely on one another .people want to do friends favours and hate to break a promise.Equally,friends have to learn to put up with annoying habits and try to tolerate differencesof opinion.wWw.xiNgkoo.coMIn contrast with marriage ,there are no friendship ceremonies to strengthen the association between two persons.But the supporting and understanding of each other that results from shared experiences and emotions does seem to a powerful bond ,which can overcome differences in background ,and break down barriers of age, class or race.


  一些友好关系可以继续争论和讨论,但亲密的朋友通常都有同样的想法和信念,态度和利益共同之处——他们经常谈论在同一波长。它通常需要时间来达到这一点。密切相关的人越多,就越依赖彼此。人们想做的朋友支持,不愿意违背诺言。同样,朋友必须学会忍受恼人的习惯,试着容忍differencesof opinion.wWw.xiNgkoo。科明与婚姻,友谊没有仪式来强化两人之间的关系。但彼此的支持和理解,共同的经历和情感的结果似乎强大的债券,从而克服背景的`差异,打破障碍的年龄、阶级或种族。


  Of our mixed life two quests are given control: food for the body, friendship for the soul. Friendship, like colorful candy, always filled with the people.

  Friends can give you encouragement to overcome the difficulties and bring brightness to your life. Sometimes, you may extend your gratitude to them for their being there with you.

  Some people may forsake their friends in favor of money or power. That's absolutely wrong. You should know that money and power are temporary and that friends are everlasting .That should be everyone's creed. To me, without friends,I am nothing.

  There was a time when I was heart-broken. My friends stood by me and offered continuous quantities of sympathy,encourage and love, which cheerd me up. Then, I was aware that I was so blessed and lucky!

  In my opinion, no man can be happy without a friend, nor be sure of his friend till he is unhappy. I will cherish my friendship from the bottom of my heart.