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  my favorite sports is basketball. it looks so cool in tv that i was crazy about those basketball stars ever since i was little.

  basketball requires speed, height and skills. i run, jump, switch, and try to hit! all parts of my body are exercised in this sport. i feel that i’m like wind flying in the playground for my goal, which makes me feel so great!

  basketball needs quick reaction and decision. when chance comes, it may disappear in the next second. i should keep an eye watching as an eagle, decide and judge quickly as a leopard, and run for it as a wolf.

  further more, basketball is a sports more than just exercising, it needs team work. no one can play himself. a team should work together. so i learn to cooperate with others in this game. i should understand what my teammate doing and what he needs me to do for him. on the other side, i should learn to show my teammate what i need. at the same time, i need to keep an eye on the whole game, knowing how is the situation of our team and how is the other team. it involved more cooperation and strategy.

  i played basketball more for about 5 years now. i make many good friends throught this sports. it is proud to win honor for my team and my school. also i enjoy all games with my friends. basketball will be my best friends in the future and my best memory about school life

  :工作调查(job investigating)

  middle school students have some idea about their future jobs. the most striking contrast is in teaching: 30 percent of girls would like to become teachers while only 5 percent of boys want to do this job. 20 percent of boys want to do business and another 20 percent want to become lawyers while girls take up 15 percent in these two fields.

  what boys like to do most is to become managers (30%) and the second largest group would like to be scientists (25%). besides teaching, the second choice for girls is to be scientists and managers .the number is not small. girls also expect to show their ability in these two fields.

  :农业科学(science of farming)

  today i went to the country to see my uncle. seeing the green cabbages and the fine wheat, i couldn't help asking how he could grow them so well.uncle said that science of farming was important. it included: choosing the best seeds; keeping the condition of soil good and ploughing deeply; sowing the seed and growing young plants at the correct time; changing the crops in the fields; and giving plenty of water, light and fertilizer.

  :我们不应该做“小皇帝”(we should not be little emperors)

  this afternoon on my way home i saw lots of people standing:at the gate of the primary school. i didn'tknow what they are doing there at first. then a group ofpupils came out of the school. those people outside the gate went close to the pupils and called out names like "lingling", "fangfang", "xiaohua", etc. then i knew they had come to meet their children.

  these children and other children like them are so happy that they are all like "little emperors"

  it's not good at all. children will be the builders of our-country in the future. there are so many things for them to learn. later many things will be done by them. this means that they shouldn't be "little emperors"

  on the contrary, they should depend on themselves. and they sh0uid do everything they can do without the help of their parents!

  our country's future will be held in the hands of today's children, and, they will be its masters. so they should learn their parents' good habits and get rid of their own 15ad ones. their parents can't look after them forever.












  提示词语:listen to a talk, learn paper-cutting, a notebook, colored paper


  ? When and where is the school going to hold the activity?

  ? What are you going to do at the activity?

  ? What do you advise Peter to prepare for the activity?

  Dear Peter,

  How is it going?

  Our school is going to hold an activity for students to experience non-material cultures. I'm writing to invite you to take part in it.

  I'm looking forward to your early reply.


  Li Hua


  Dear Peter,

  How is it going?

  Our school is going to hold an activity for students to experience non-material cultures. I am writing to invite you to take part in it. It will be held at the school hall from 2:00 to 4:00 next Thursday afternoon. First, we are going tolisten to a talk about it. And then we are going to learnpaper--cutting. If you would like to come, you can take a notebook to take notes and some colored paper to make beautiful paper-cuts.

  I am looking forward to your early reply.


  Li Hua



  Dear Bob,

  How is it going these days?

  I make some new plans for myself.




  Do you have any new plans?


  Da Ming


  Dear Bob,

  How is it going these days?

  I make some new plans for myself. My first resolution has to do with self-improvement. I want to join an English club to improve my English. I want to get good grades next time. The second is about personal health. I am going to eat less junk food and do more exercise. Finally,I want to learn to take photos in my free time. I will tell my family about my plans so that they can help me.

  Do you have any new plans?


  Da Ming


  Unit1:What’s the matter?

  今天刘英生病了,不能去上学,她的妈妈带她到人民医院(the People’s Hospital)去看病。请你根据下面的提示,写一篇60词左右的短文,要求把医生的建议写清楚。可用一般现在时态进行叙述。



  2、检查(look over)




  提示信息:have a fever, see a doctor, look over, take some medicine, drink water, lie down and rest, feel well, go home.


  Liu Ying can’t go to school today because she is ill. So her mother takes her to the People’s Hospital. The doctor looks her over carefully. At last the doctor says to her ,“You have had a fever. You should take some medicine and drink more water. You should also lie down and rest, so you shouldn’t go to school for several days. I’ m sure you’ll feel better soon.” Liu Ying and her mother thank the doctor and go home.


  I’ll help …… parks. 爱是心中的太阳,融化你我身边的冰雪。假设你是李明,你们学校正在举办主题为“付出即是收获”(Giving is receiving)的征文活动,请你结合自己平时的爱心行为和感受写一篇文章。


  信息提示:clean up ,an old people’s home ,sweep the floor ,cheer up, the sick kids, read story ,raise money, help ourselves, a good way,


  I’m a student from No.1 Middle School. My name is Li Ming. I like helping others because it makes me happy. I often help my classmates with their schoolwork. Sometimes I help clean up the city parks. I go to an old people’s home and sweep the floor for them once a month. I often visit the children’s hospital to cheer the sick kids up. I always read stories to them or raise money for homeless people. I think helping others is helping ourselves and volunteering our time to help people is a good way to spend our free time .Do you agree with me ?



  I’m David. There are three people in my family. They are my father,my mother and I . My father does the dishes on weekends, he sweeps the floor on Wednesdays. My mother cooks meals every day , she washes clothes on Tuesdays and Saturdays . As for me, I do the dishes on weekdays, I take out the rubbish every day , I sweep the floor on weekends . I think it’s necessary for us students to do chores. Doing chores can help to develop our Independency , and we can learn to take care of ourselves.