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  关于创新的英语作文范文:Rosabeth Moss Kanter

  “Mindless habitual behavior is the enemy of innovation. ” I assume that you are familiar with Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s famous remark. It is obvious that a man who always stick to habit and experience can hardly create new things .

  Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s remark aims at informing us of the significance of innovation. Why does innovation play an indispensable role in our lifeinnovation can promote the advancement of both individuals and society as a whole. only those who are innovative can make continuous progress and maintain a competitive edge. Quite a few examples can be given to prove the importance of A, and I can think of no better illustration than the following one: how could Steve Jobs, a genius who changed the way of modern communication, recreation and even our life, launch so many powerful electronic products constantly without creative spirit?

  We should always bear in mind that the consciousness of innovation is of great significance to us all. Hence, we need to develop a habit of discovering new things,using new methods and applying new thoughts in our work, study or simply everyday life. “Innovation is the spirit of human being’s progress.” A philosopher once said.







  How to cultivate our creativity?It's true that maybe cultivating creativity is difficult to most of the people.Many ways are for this while we can't realize them.cultivating creativity is indeed of great importance to the whole society.What can we do to acquire it?First,it calls for our working,which should be very hard or even unthinkable.This step of course will give us firm basement.Secondly,we'd better try our best to see,to watch,to oberve...everthing around in our lives,from which we can get useful messages.Yet the last one'll be hard,ater all,we should insist!We have to think deeply,and compare everthing with each other to find their characters.So,maybe we can't succeed,but to our devotion,we may learn a lot,and it's believed that we will finally creating perfectly.


  In the past people tend to keep on the rail. No matter who doesn’t follow the rules he would be criticized by the public opinion. Nowadays with the rapid development of our society more and more people recognize the importance of creation. The development of our country our society even ourselves need creation.

  First of all creation is the most important factor to improve the ability of our country. Some people think that the essence of the human civilization is the result of creation. It is certain that in order to stand a good place in the international circle our country has to train the creative people so that they can make great breakthrough for our mother. However if our people lack of creation we couldn’t realize our dream to become a great country in the world. In addition if people in the society are of innovation it is easy to deliver the talents to our country to win a better future. And with creative people the society can get a lot of benefit. For ourselves creation also very important. The obvious point is to improve people’s confidence. When people make some small breaktrough the y will get praise from others which will make them feel themseves smart and then become confidence.

  All in all as all of us know that how much importance creation for us. We have to learn as much as possible knowledge to prepare ourselves to be creative people. In other words we have to study well to serve our county.





  It is widely accepted that one is more likely to succeed at things he already knows how to do well.Howeverto limit ourselves to doing only those things we are good at will make us miss many opportunities to develop other interests and skills.Thereforesometimes it is necessary for us to try some new things and take some rests.Though we have the risk of failure when trying new thingswe can get many advantages from it.

  Firstlythe process of trying a new thing is a rewarding experiencefrom which we may feel a different world.Secondlyeven if we failwe can still absorb experience and lessons from the trying process and our failure.Thirdlyif it turns out that we succeed at this new trywe'll get great pleasure and confidence.Finallyit is impossible for us to never fail even if we do only what we are familiar with.We don't know when we'll meet the situation we can't control.With experience of trying new thingswhen facing unexpected situationswe can deal with them better.

  Condidering the above mentionedwe needn't be afraid of new things but should bravely try them.But it is worth noting that trying new things bravely does not mean acting rashly and blindly.We should take full account before we are ready to try new things.







  Germany's Goethe said: "to grow, you must be unique." Indeed, a person to grow, progress, must need to innovate.

  Ever seen such a story: in 1900, a professor at the Max Planck and son walk in our garden. He resistance loss, I regret to say to the son: "children, very sorry, today have a discovery. It is as important as Newton's discovery." He put forward a hypothesis that Planck quantum mechanics formula. He resistance loss destroyed his worship has been the discovery and devoutly believe in Newton's theory of perfect for authority. He finally cancelled my assumptions. Human should have benefited from authority, but only with authority and victims, thus making stagnant for decades physics theory. 25 Einstein dared to break through the authority of the holy circle, bold breakthrough, appreciates the Planck hypothesis to depth and extension, puts forward the light quantum theory, laid the foundation of quantum mechanics. Then casual destruction the theory of Newton's absolute time and space, founded the theory of relativity, shocked the world, who rose to fame has become a more great new authority.

  Read this story, I understand the innovation should have the courage to deny authority, on learning, we can not blindly accept the new knowledge, to learn to think independently, have the courage to think, continuous innovation. Now, I also gradually formed the good habit of independent thinking.

  Innovation is a golden key to open the door to knowledge; Innovation is a clear spring water, water KuHe heart; Innovation is a burning torch, illuminates the future of the road! Because of the innovation, we are happy; Because of the innovation, we are so rich and colorful; Because of the innovation, we are happy; Because of the innovation, we are so wonderful.






  As the saying goes: "the first person to metaphor girls with flowers, is a genius. Second, to paraphrase the analogy is rat. The third is a fool." Visible, in the life, innovation is the side of the lamp, to illuminate the road ahead. Innovation is the distant mountain, incentive we boarded peak; Innovation is in front of the sea, holding us speak freely, into one of them. So, only by constantly innovation, to prop up the whole world.

  Ruban understand innovation, thus there was wild grass cut when not snap it, but bent and observe it carefully, and find weeds, there are many small teeth. Thus in inspiration, after repeated experiments, finally invented the saw, the benefit of mankind.

  Qi baishi understand innovation. From the urine to draw interest, thus self-study has become a people. But he did "contempt" for his success, but to learn from famous strengths to fill the blank of the own and 60, 70 - year - old, 70 years old, qi baishi's painting style is constantly changing, also in change again and again by leaps and bounds, so his life five easy style, once a success, instead again and enterprising, finally as we know, for the world to admire.

  And for Newton, he doesn't know innovation of old age. When he was young because of an apple discovered gravity, one step a footprint, after made amazing achievements. But late in life, is obsessed with Aristotle's theory of Plato, spent ten years "and" research the existence of god, adventurous, one point one points black hair "waste" in the superstition, cast his own innovative spirit into the sea, finally forfeits his age, there is no income. It seems that a person standing on the shoulders giants will have dimmed by not innovation.

  Innovation, is a person, a nation, a nation needed a kind of spirit. With innovation, can carry the Wright brothers' plane fly on the cloud nine; With innovation, can with Edison electric light to talk; With innovation, can with Nobel blasted mountains, fry out of the channel; With innovation, can observe the microscopic world together with Leeuwenhoek...

  Plug in a pair of wings of innovation of your own, you'll spread your wings and fly, fight the sky!