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  大学对英语的要求更加严格,想要学好英语不是简单的事情。大学英语作文的写作要求就比初高中的多很多,想要写好作文,就要多看大学英语作文范文,对于介绍朋友的英语作文,不知同学们是否写过,我们来欣赏一篇。介绍朋友的英语作文:Friend——We all know a story similar to this: Two Men and a Bear. In the forest, when a bear attacked them, the thinner man quickly climbed up a tree and forgot his promise to the fatter guy, who could not climb the tree, about helping each other when in danger. Luckily, the fatter man saved himself. The fatter mat was very disappointed, and when they got together again, he said to the thinner man, "You are not my real friend. Only a friend in need is a friend indeed". This is a very familiar story. It illustrates to us what a friend should be like. It is, however, just a story.I would like to tell you something about myself, my true feel-ings.





  When it comes to the tree-planting day, everybody knows it’s a day that call on people to plant more trees and stop cutting down trees blindly, but few people know the story behind tree-planting day. The tree-planting day was dedicated in the memory of Sun Yat-sen. Mr. Sun had always pay great attention to trees planting. In the year of 1914, he promulgated the first Forest Law in history. Then the government and the ordinary people started to plant trees in the spring. On March 12th, 1925, Mr. Sun passed away, in order to memorialize the great contribution he had make to our country, the government decided every year of this day is the tree-planting day.


  In 2014, the slogan of tree-planting day is Embrace the spring, Sow the Green. Trees are so important to our planet. The naturalists compare the trees to human beings lungs. It’s true that trees take in the carbon dioxide and other toxic gas and give off oxygen which living beings lives on it. If trees were all cut down, the earth would be a disaster. First of it, the temperature will raising then the glaciers will melt. Thus the cities near the ocean will be flooded. Second, the trees are the habitat of many animals. When we cut down trees, we not only destroy animals’ habitats but also ourselves’. We just gradually destroy natural links. Last but not least, trees can prevent water loss and soil erosion; it’s the key to maintain the balance.


  First, YuE Bao is designed to offer a flexible option for small investors, which is more convenient than traditional banks. On one hand, people can put some of their unused fund in a YuE Bao account and are free to withdraw anytime. On the other hand, they can either choose to transfer from their unusual funds from Alipay as well as transfer money from a bank account for free. Second, it is a best way to invest online for a short term. What’s more, you do not need spend much time to use it as long as you have a computer.


  There is no doubt that I like the online payment platform, since there are too many benefits that outnumber its disadvantages, so we should make full use of it.




  Every time when it comes to meeting or dating, it is impossible for us to present in time all the time, because there will be some unpredictable situations happen, such as the traffic accident, our bodies feel bad suddenly and so on. However, being punctual is of great benefits, it can consolidate our relationship and improve work efficiency.


  One of the benefits of being punctual is that we can keep strong relationship with others. Being in time reflects the person is responsible and considerate; we respect him, because he always arrives at the meeting at the right time. We will impress by him and are willing to make friends with him. On the contrary, if the person who is always late for meeting, he will delay everybody’s time, such person is not welcomed.


  The other benefit of being punctual is that we can improve work efficiency. If we are told to finish the work in two days, but we are always finishing in 3 days, we will be kicked out. The one who finishes the job in time, he will have a better time-management skills, and these skills will enable him to finish the task in a systematic order.


  Punctuality is very important when we are in a social communication, we will leave others the good impression, and what’s more, we can enjoy better relationship with others and have efficiency.


  大学英语作文范文: 互联网



  Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following picture. In you writing, you should

  1) describe the picture briefly,

  2) interpret its intended meaning, and

  3) give your comments.

  You should write neatly on the ANSWER SHEET.


  Here is a picture, interesting but with profound implication. As is vividly depicted in the photo, two men are running away from the computer screen, which successfully captures our eyes. After a close watch, it is not difficult to find that they are frightened away by the internet rumor. Apparently, what the drawing has subtly conveyed is supposed to be given further analysis.

  A conclusion could be drawn from the picture: internet is likely to produce negative effect to our life. And my words are based upon the following two reasons. On the top of the list is that the lack of legal penalty may lead to the state of this phenomenon. In addition, there is the other point that no one can ignore. It is universally admitted that internet is a virtual world, and people in it are more likely to do something illegal and cruel.

  According to the analysis above, it is advisable for us to take steps to reverse this evil trend. Of all the steps, mass media may play a major role in solving this problem.