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  “Once upon a time, there was a king who had a daughter as beautiful as a blooming rose. To all the suitors who came to the king's palace to ask for the hand of the princess, the old king assigned three tasks to be accomplished, each next to impossible. One day, into the king's palace came a handsome young prince..." Well, you know the rest. The three tasks may be different in different versions, but the main plot is always the same, with the prince claiming the princess's hand triumphantly.

  And the ending is always the same, finishing with the line "And they live happily every after."

  Why aren't we tired of something so fanciful, so unrealistic, and, I would say, so unimaginative? How can a story like that endure generations of repetition`? Because, I think, it is a typical success story. It is highly philosophical and symbolic. By implication, we see a 4-step definition of success: 1 ) a goal to be set. as represented by the beautiful princess; 2 ) challenges to be met, as represented by the three tasks; 3 ) the process of surmounting difficulties, as represented by the ordeals the youth goes through; and 4 ) the reward of success, as represented by the happy marriage.

  The story not only caters to everyone's inward yearning for success, but also emphasizes the inseparability of the process and the result. The reward of success will be much amplified if the path leading towards it is treacherous, and vice versa. If a person inherits his father's millions and leads an easy life, he is not a successful person even in material terms, because there are no difficulties involved in his achieving affluence. The term "success", to be sure. will not sit still for easy definition. But as I understand it, the true meaning of success entails a combination of both the process and the satisfactory result of an endeavor. To clarify my view, let me give another analogy.

  If we changed the rules of football, greatly enlarged the goal and sent away David Seaman or any other goal keeper, so that another David, namely David Beckham, could score easily, then scoring would not give him the thrill of accomplishment and the joy that it brings. If we further changed the rules by not allowing Arsenal's defenders to defend, so that Beckham needed only to lift a finger, actually a toe, to score, then there would be no game at all, because the meaning of winning would have disappeared. In accepting the challenge, in surmounting the difficulties and in enduring the hardship, success acquires its value. The sense of attainment varies in proportion to the degree of difficulties on overcomes.

  The concept of success is not constant but relative because the nature of difficulty is also relative. Something you do effortlessly might pose a great difficulty for a handicapped person. In acquiring the ability to do the same as you can, he or she achieve success. That's why we greatly admire Stephen Hawking, because, though confined to a wheel chair, he has contributed greatly to the field of science.

  I myself, a rather shy person by nature who easily suffer from stage fright, had to pluck up great courage to take part in a speech contest like this. I could have stayed away and had an easy time of it by not entering the university level contest.But I chose to accept the challenge and to face the difficulties. Now here I am. If I come out first, it will be a great success for me. If I come out last-I hope this will not be the case-but if I come out last, I will not call my attempt a failure, but will also celebrate it as a true success, because part of my goal is my own character training-to do more assertive, to be brave in face of difficulties. For me, it is a meaningful step forward, small as it is, in the long journey toward the final success in my life, because I have truly gained by participating.

  Let us return to our handsome young prince and the 4-step definition of success. You my have noticed that the usual worldly criteria of wealth, position and fame were not mentioned as part of the story, but rather, it emphasized the process of overcoming difficulties. The ancient wisdom had already defined the meaning of success, and this is my definition, too.

  Thank you.


  Good afternoon, dear teachers and schoolmates. The new year is coming. What comes to your mind when we say new year Season? Okay, I’ll tell you the picture of The new year in my mind. Under the dark blue sky, snowflakes are falling slowly, like flying butterflies. Beautiful lights of different colors are twinkling. Roly-poly red-suited Sant Clauz with lots of gifts in his big bag is busy going to give children the toys and candies. Inside the houses, families are getting together and having elegant meals, and children are all expecting Sant Clauz’s coming. Here and there you can hear cheerful new year songs. What a beautiful picture and how warm and fragnant the season is! So we have no reasons to reject beauty of life. That is why we gether here. We gether together not only to celebrate The new year, but also to enjoy ourselves and show our talent, confidence, optimism and happiness in the school.


  Time flies. I really wish all of you enjoy the wonderful performance. Now I would like to say Happy New Year, my dear teachers and schoolmates, and I aslo wish you a very happy and fruitful new year. Good-bye!





  1. My winter holiday

  My winter holiday is very dull. I stay at home for most of time. sometimes i visit my friends and play basketball with them. sometimes we go shopping.

  one day, we go to the KFC. we have hamburgers, chicken coke and French fries. We have sore throats. We go home and have a rest. Then we feel better. We go and play computer games! How mad we are!

  This is the only thing I can talk about in the holiday.

  2. My friend

  I have a lot of friends, but I have only a few good friends. One of them is my best friend. We are both twelve years old. He is fat and tall. He likes to eat oranges and meat. He is very straight and generous. We always help each other. He is a nice boy and his math is very good. He likes to play football and basketball. I enjoy playing with him because I can learn a lot from him. He can always come up with smart answers to those difficult questions. We usually play together after school in the afternoon. He is very funny and sometimes he tells me some interesting stories but sometimes he sets me up. After all we get alongwell. But sometimes we fight each other. His goal is to be a math teacher. He lives in Lin Shan and I live in Xiang shan. But we are good friends.

  3. Future Robot

  hello! I'm a future robot. my name is mini. I have two small eyes, a small nose and a very big mouth. I can read and write, and i can speak Chinese and English.

  I can play football, basketball and badminton quite well. and i can sing and danc every well! but I can’t run and swim. I always cook the breakfast for my master. My master is sally. she is a pretty girl. she plays hop scotch very well.

  I love my master very much.

  4. My winter holiday

  My father is a nice man. He likes to play computer games. He is an owner of a factory which produces many things .He is good at designing. He works very hard. I love him very much because, sometimes, I can help him to do something in his factory. He is always on business trips because he has his business every where so it takes up too much of his time .

  Therefore, he doesn’t have any time to play with me but I don’t blame him for that. I often spend a lot of my time on the computer, so I have something to do. My mother is usually on the phone and tells my father to get home early but my father doesn’t listen to her. So my mother and I sometimes are upset and Idon’t like my father in a sense that he always gets home late.

  I love my father but not his job!

  5. My classroom

  My classroom is nice and big. There are forty desks and chairs in the classroom.There are two black boards on the walls. And there are two pictures, too. My classroom has eleven lights and twelve fans. What colour are the fansThey are blue. At the corner, there is a shelf , many books are in the shelf. I like the books very much.

  This is my classroom , it is very nice. I like my classroom very much . Do you have anice classroom, too ?

  6. 我喜爱的食物

  In our country, there are plenty of delicious foods. They are popular among Chinese people. I like eating very much. There are many food I like, such as chicken,fish, beef, tofu, noodle and so on. Among them, fish and tofu are the food I like most. Fish is delicious as well as rich in nutrition. It's good to our health. There are various cooking methods and I think the simplest way is thebest one. Tofu is my favorite as well. It can be cooked with many other dishes. Different tastes combine with each other to make the food more delicious.

  英语作文大全:My Classmate


  Liu Kai is my classmate. He is a good student and always ready to help others.

  One day on his way to school,he saw a little girl crossing the road. A car was coming towards her quickly and the girl was too frightened to move. The car nearly hit her. Just then LiuKai rushed up to her and caught her by the arm. The little girl was saved. She told him where she lived,and he took her home. When LiuKai hurried into the classroom,the teacher had already begun his lesson. He told the teacher why he was late. He was then praised for what he had done.


  My home town is every beautiful. it stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice.

  But in the old days it was a poor and backward little town. many people had no work. they lived a hard life.

  In 1949 my hometown was liberated. since then great changes have taken place there. the streets have been widened. factories, schools, hospitals, cinemas and theatres have sprung up one after another. the life of the people is greatly improved.

  I love my hometown. all the more i love its people. they are working hard so as to make it still richer and more beautiful.



  请以“Education”为题目,分三段 谈谈教育的重要性和主要方式。字数在100个左右。






  The aim of education is not the pursuit of fame and fortune. Indeed, education has a deeper objective――cultural and moral training. We usually go to school for an education, we are certainly aiming at intensive learning of various subjects, for that is the essential and indispensable foundation for building up our future careers.

  The school is an ideal place for such training. In school we are taught the difference between good and evil. But the most important goal of school is to contact with the reality of the world outside and the observation of society and experience from contact with external world.

  Of course, as education does not simply mean“going  to school”,so graduation from schools does not mean the end of the study. It never ends,“Learn whatever it may be, whenever you can, and whenever you will”, and this is education.