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  I have a beautiful house. my parents and i live in our house now. it is near the lake. we all like our house. we are very happy.


  our house is not very big, but i think it is very good. look! here is the door. it is open. let us go and visit our house.

  welcome to our house. there are three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a large sitting room in our house. let us look at my small room first. there is a bookcase in my room. there are many books in the bookcase. on the right of the bookcase, there is a bed. there is a doll and some clothes on the bed. there are a lot of posters on the wall. near the bookcase, there is a desk. i study at it every day. on the desk, there is a computer. i often play computer games on it. there are two lamps and a clock in my small room, too.

  look at our parents’ room, there is a tv and a sofa. there is a big bed in it, too. there are lots of pictures and two lamps on the wall.

  then look at our sitting room, there is a tv and two sofas in it. there are two tables and chairs in the sitting room, too.

  we like our house very much. do you like it?

  Summer can be very hot in southern Taiwan where the temperature usually goes up to 32"C or more. Because of the heat it is a trying experience to go to school or do anything else in a place that is not air-conditioned. Also because of this I stay at home most of the time during the summer vacation and occasionally go to the beach to plunge myself into the cool water as a way to keep my body less sticky. Actually I like swimming think nothing is more refreshing than a swim. In the summer vacation that has ended I went swimming many times with my classmates we all had a good time. This summer vacation, however, was not spent entirely in seeking fun. As a second-year senior student I had to prepare myself for the college entrance examinations that were a year away. In other words, I must find time to study, too. So I divided my time between work play during the summer vacation derived benefit from this arrangement.

  A winebibber,when he has wine addiction,that he is going to the bar and drink some cups of wine.

  He will goes to the bar every day before he going to work.It's a snowy morning.He goes to bar before he going to work again.He fells there is somebody follows him on his way to his office.He turns his head and he see his son is treading his footmark.His son is following him.

  His son is excited and says:"Dad! Look,I am treading your footmark!"The man is very surprise that his son shocks to him. He thinks:"I will go to the bar, but my son is following me!"

  After that day,the man gives up the wine.He doesn't go the bar any more.

  We were sitting in the classroom quietly, waiting for the invigilator. We were anxious to get the examination paper and see whether it was easy or difficult.

  The invigilator came into the classroom. He first looked around. Then he counted the papers. We could only hear the papers'fricative. I had a look at my watch. We would be examined in eight minutes. I felt a bit nervous. I thought to myself,"Will the exam be easy or difficult? Will the last question be very hard for me to work out?"The invigilator began to deliver us the papers. I had been ready. As soon as I got the paper, I began to write quickly. At this, the invigilator said loudly,"You can't write until the bell rings".I felt sorry for that. I watched the hands of the clock and thought hard. I counted quietly,"four minutes, three minutes, two minutes,thirty seconds, twenty-five seconds""Ding" The bell rang. We picked up our pens and began to write quietly.

  What a long time we had been waiting!

  As soon as we became students of Grade 3, we had to make up our minds to study hard. Because we have the motive forces of study. They may be our dreams of life.

  We must all want to study in Haimen Middle School in the future, so the competition for study will be very fierce. Both in class and after class, we think about our knowledge and work on the hard problems. We all believe that the harder we study, the better we will become.

  But we have to face difficulties and hardships. Even though, we can't give up our life dreams. When you suffer a setback, think about your dream, then rally your forces. Make a spurt towards your dream!

  During May Day holiday, I went to my uncle’s home to meet my new little bother and he is a baby.

  My little bother has got big eyes, a small nose, and a small mouth that looks like a cherry. But my little bother can't talk, and the only thing he can do is crying.

  My little bother is very lovely. He likes frown very much. When he frowns, it looks like that he is just thinking some questions. When he falls to sleep, it looks like swimming. When he cries, the sound is very interesting. It sounds like he is counting numbers or he is singing. Maybe he wants to be a singer.

  I love my little brother, Do you like him? I hope my little bother can be a super star in the future. At that time I will be proud of him.



  1.to get on : (to enter, board)

  说明:to get on(搭乘,上车) 动词get的用法很多,常常在后面接用各种不同的介系词或副词而形成意义不同的习语。这里的on是介系词,后面的bus和subway用作它的受词。如果on作副词用,则有进步,相处甚好,与年事已长的意思。


  (1) I always get on the bus at 34th Street.


  (2) William gets on the subway at the same station every morning.


  2.to get off : (to leave, descend from)

  说明:to get off (下车)与上面的get on相反。Get off也有好些其它的意义,如寄出,离开等。下车也可以用alight from或get out of a carriage或motor car, 不过下电车或公共汽车多用get off .


  (1) Helen got off the bus at 42nd Street.


  (2) At what station do you usually get off the subway?


  3.to put on: (to place on oneself-said particularly of clothes)


  to put on (穿,戴)特别指穿衣服、穿鞋、戴帽、戴眼镜也用这个成语。英文中还有wear和dress二字也是穿的意思。可是wear是继续的动作,表示穿着的状态,而put on是一时的动作。下面两个句子都是错的:

  I shall wear my overcoat before I go out (应用put on). In such cold weather I put on my overcoat all day (应用wear).dress的意思是

  ①put clothes on后面的受词一定是人,如dress a child, dress oneself, be dressed in white,

  ②put on clothes, vk Get up and dress quickly. (快点起来穿好衣服。)


  (1) Mary put on her hat and left the room.


  (2) Why is John putting on his hat and coat?


  4.to take off : (to remove-said also of clothes)

  说明:to take off (脱去)与put on 的意义相反,指脱去衣物鞋帽.民可以用put off, 但较不通用。


  (1) John took off his hat as he entered the room.


  (2) Is Helen taking off her coat because it is too warm in the room?


  5.to call up: (to telephone)

  说明:to call up (打电话给……)后面一定要有受词,也就是接电话的人。如果受词是代名词的话,常插在call与up 之间。


  (1) I forgot to call up Mr. Jones yesterday although I promised to call him up exactly at three o’clock.


  (2) Did anyone call me up while I was out?


  6.to turn on : (to start, begin)

  说明:to turn on (扭开,打开)指扭开电灯,电炉,电扇,煤气等的按钮或开关,以及自来水的水龙头等而言。开电灯也可以用put on the light.


  (1) Please turn on the light. This room is dark.


  (2) Someone turned on the radiator in this room while we were out.


  7.to turn off : (to stop, terminate extinguish)

  说明:to turn off (关闭,停止)指扭熄电灯,关闭无线电、自来水等。关灯也可以用put out the light.


  (1) Please turn off the light. We do not need it now.


  (2) Shall I turn off the radio or are you still listening to it?


  8.to pick up : (to take-especially with fingers)

  说明:to pick up (拾起,拣起)尤指用手指把东西拿起业而言。To pick up还有很多其它的用法。如


  The motorist picked up a couple of servicemen along the highway



  He never studied French; what he knows he picked up while living in France.



  I picked up London lastnight.



  (1) John Picked up the newspaper which was on his desk.


  (2) Why didn’t you pick up that pencil which lay on the floor?


  9.at once: immediately, very soon, right away

  说明:at once (立刻,马上)为一级通用的副词片语,也可以作为同时(simultaneously)解,如

  This book is at once interesting and instructive.



  (1) He asked me to come to his office at once.


  (2) I want you to send this telegram at once.




  Every little girl will have her dream aboutprince. I always dream of a half-blood prince coming to me, just like the snowwhite and Cinderella in the fairy tale. I hope there will be a prince wearingwhite clothes to ask me to live happy life with him. And in the following days,I really have a happy life. Why I want a half-blood prince not just prince? Ithink half-blood prince would be more handsome. Hehe.

  Different people have different dreams. Some people dream of making a lot of money. Some people dream of living a happy life. Some people dream of being famous. Some people dream of going abroad, and soon. But my dream is different. Maybe you will get a surprise after you know my dream.

  I have a wonderful dream in my heart. It's to speak English very well. Since English is everything for me. English is my best friend. English is my soul. English is my power. Without English, I'm nothing at all. Nothing. Now, I can think in English, speak in English, and write in English. Some people think I'm an Indian. Some people regard I'm a Pakistan. And some people even consider that I'm an Egyptian. But if I could speak English as good as an American, my future would be perfect. So I work very hard.

  Everyone has his own dream. Some want to be doctors. Others hope to be scientists. My dream is to become a teacher. Teachers can not teach us many things at school, but they do their best to teach us how to learn. Thanks to them, we learn knowledge. And at the same time, we learn how to live a happy life. They spend most time on their students. They are great in my eyes. hope to be a teacher because I admire teachers. I know it is not easy to make my dream come true. But I decide to study harder from now on. I am sure my dream will come true.

  Everyone has a dream.I also have a dream.I want to be a computer programmer.Because I like playing computer games,and then I want to make my own games.

  Of course,I know it is difficult to be a good computer programmer.So,I have to learn more the knowledges about the computer.

  For example,I'll have some computer lessons when I have time.And I will read more computer books everyday.What's,I'll join the computer club in high school.In conclusion,I will do some things to improve my computer operation.I am sure my dream will come true one day.

  Everybody have a dream, because we’re dreamers. In our heart, there is a colorful dream. Sometimes the dream is perfect, sometimes it’s special, sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s yummy.

  In my dream, there are some children. I always play games with them and enjoy ourselves. There are so many candies, too. Blue candies, pink candies, orange candies, apple candies…How delicious! In my dream, there is a special sky. In our world, the sky is blue, but the sky of my dream is pink, some angels are having fun there. In my dream, white bird can fly high, flowers can sing songs, frogs have a jump race, tomatoes are blue, potatoes are yellow, all the things are different.

  In my dream, Chinese people, Korean people, Japanese people, Italian people, Spanish people, American people and Russian people are hand in hand. All the people smile for ever. It is a balanced world. .

  In my dream, everything is wonderful, but our world isn’t like it. So we must like my dream, to let our world get more beautiful!

  I want to be a teacher when I listen to my teacher carefully. I think I can be a teacher when I grow up. I can help many students learn things well. I can play with my students, too. So we are good friends. I want to be a doctor when I see many doctors save their patients. To be a doctor is really great. I think I can be a doctor when I grow up. Then I can help many people out of danger. I will be the happiest girl in the world.

  I want to be a reporter when I watch TV every evening. We can get lots of important information from them. They make the world smaller and also make us happy. I would like to be a reporter when I grow up. And I can learn a lot about China and the other countries around the world. I can meet many superstars as well.

  I have lots of dreams. I think my dreams can come true one day, because there’s an old saying “where there is a will, there is a way.”