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  My Sister

  I have a sister. Her name is Alice . She is one year old. She has short hair. She has a fat face. It looks like a big red apple. She has big eyes and a small mouth. She has only one tooth, but she can eat cookies. Her arms and legs are fat, too. But she can crawl very fast on the floor.

  My sister is very naughty. She doesn’t sleep at night but sleeps at daytime. So my mother is tired to take care of her. She always crawls here and there, sofa, bed, chair, everywhere she likes to go. She likes to play with the toys. Bricks are her favourite. She likes to make different shapes with the bricks. Sometime it’s a house, sometimes it’s a bus. I think she is a smart girl. She likes to play with me. She likes my story-telling. She always asks me to tell stories for her.

  There is a cartoon “Present Sheep and Mr. Wolf” on TV. My sister likes it so much. Every time when I turn on the TV, she always says “present sheep” to me, asks me to watch the cartoon. And every time she hears the theme song of the cartoon, she will sing and dance on the floor. Actually she can not sing and dance, she just shakes her little body to show us she likes it very much. She is so cute.

  My sister is smooth-tongued. She likes to call me “sister”, call my dad “daddy”, call my mom “mummy”. She often call us many times a day.

  In my eyes, my sister is naughty, lovely and smart. I like her.

  Thank you

  Three years ago, I was a cool and detached girl. I never helped others or cried, because I thought that was very boring.

  One day an unusual girl rushed into my life. She looks like a boy and she is also very lovely. She is very cheerful. I always feel she is a “Red Sun”. She is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. She often helps me and plays with me. We became good friends at once. Since then, I have been sanguine.

  Now, I am still a happy girl. I'm often moved by the world. I think our life is so short, and it isn't easy for people to live in the world. I've learned to help others and to cry. I've also learned to be happy and grateful. I also understand that crying doesn't mean “coward”, crying can mean “visualize a bright future!”

  Though she has lots of new friends and I have many too, she will be my best friend forever, because she has taught me a lot.

  Thank you,my best friend,Thank you!

  I’ll Be A Supers

  I’m an outgoing girl and my name is Shi Yun. I love singing songs, especially pop songs. My favorite singer is Jay Chou.

  As we all know, Jay is a superstar of Asia. He has excellent music skills. He started to play the piano at 5 years old and studied hard. When he was 15 years old, he was able to write songs. But the environment in which he lived is not very good. When he was a child, his parents were divorced and as a result his childhood was full of depression. He lived with his grandparents. He was always silent and didn’t like talking to others. At the age of 16, he was attracted by the bass’s low voice. So his mother bought one for him and he started to play the bass. His success is filled with tears and sweat.

  From his story, I know if I want to be successful, I should work harder. I want to go in for music, although I know the way to success is very difficult for me. Now that I choose this way, I’ll do my best to realize my dream. Of course I will tell myself I will be a superstar someday,I’ll Be A Supers.

  What Do You Like

  Different people like different things. Some of them like doing sports, some of them like listening to music and some of them like playing computer games.

  Different people like different food. Some people like eating fish and meat, and some people like eating vegetables and fruit. But some people don't like vegetables and meat at all. They like hamburgers. The children all like snacks, sweets and cakes.

  Different people like different lifestyles. Some people in the western countries like eating bread and drinking milk for breakfast, but some people in the eastern countries like eating rice and eggs for breakfast. In the western countries, many people like sports. They often play football and basketball. But in the eastern countries, many people don't like them. Everyone is different, so what do you like?

  Tears of color

  Tears are colored, although it is clear as air, but it indeed bear behind each person's story.

  My pen down, is bitter, is carrying the pain and disappointment, is pregnant with had to vent out of sorrow, in words can not express is realized, a rain. It requires people to understand to trust and feel, because not everyone can laugh at life, sometimes, tears need to vent, to let it be your pain completely unfolded, don't deceive yourself, in fact, you are very sad, just try to just behind the strong weak. Alone, my heart would not be so hurt.

  Everyone had this dream, the exam first, teachers praise, the envy of students, parents love. That is, is it right? Your little world blossom, feel the happiness is proud, proud. I also like a little girl, like the dream into reality, however, such as Cao Cao every time a" lost in Jingzhou", but I just love the dream girl, a time considered themselves to be very hard, but again into the air, precipitated into a silky to rain in.

  It is a test, it is a failure, that night, sleep in the classmate beside me crawl over said to me quietly, dream, this time you got our dormitory minimum amount, bad. My heart is a surprise, but soon became calm again, quietly waiting for her next words. Dream dream, this time you pull up our dormitory very much, but we don't blame you, your political history is very good, English is only 96, you have to work hard. I pulled a stiff than cry still ugly laugh, not words. Dream, I always feel you very affected, both for us and for the teacher, you always smiled, as if you never care about learning as we, you never mean what you say, have we not good friends, why do you want to do it, you do not, we are saying what about you, you seem to not one of us.

  I turned around, not words, after a long time, the students just sighed, go.

  I know, you don't like me, every time the quarrel, I here, would drag me in, I am in your mind impression was such. He is thinking of my heart.

  I sneak out, huddled in the corner, summer, mosquito tore at the throat by my side hovered, outside the frogs to revel in the flapping sound vaguely discernible, the wind seems great, at willow, switchgrass crazy swing. Somehow, heart cried. The tears continued to emerge, with" intermittent" rain together into my empty heart. Hair of atrophy in the skin, vague, unclear hi is sad. Tears in the arm on the rolling forward, moist. My heart slowly moistens.

  After do not know how long, I was stopped in my endless sorrow, always feel, like the clear, often now, I am relaxed. I took a deep breath, tired and tired, lying on the soft arm, slowly close my eyes.

  I dream, I dream of, I dreamed a dream in the vast grasslands, I was running, in pulling Su You 's hand, laughing, playing games, running, as if we are able to see the heart, pure, without any gap, there is always a ray of sunlight shining on us, at that time, I laughed, laughing matter so brilliant, even the flowers have lost its color, the moon covered face.

  Dream dream, wake up, wake up. I hung his head, gradually clear. Su You rubbed his eyes look at me, I look up, what do you here? Dream dream, why did you sleep in it, you are ready to do the mosquito snack ah, go back to the dormitory sleeping. I smiled, gently nodded his head, let her take blame tone relation hidden in my heart.

  Have a good cry, let the heart without regret.

  My new friends

  Hi Ben,

  Our class is planning to go to a student concert.As youweren‘t at school today,I’m sending you the information.We will meet at the school gate at half past one in the afternoon.We will not wait you if us start fifteenminutes later.The student concert will be held in the Rose Concert at half past two on Friday afternoon.Please pay attention.First of all,there is not allowed eat and drink.Then,when you watch the plays,you shouldn‘t make noise or take photos.In the end,we should go back to school while the plays is over. Today I talk about the imformation of the students with smoking.

  I’m very surprise because there are three persent students often smoking.And there are also have seven persent students sometimes smoking.Then I am pleasant of another ninety persent students never smoking. Now I give some advice for you.Always smoking are bad for our bodies.I think join in the “Non-smoking Day”is one of the good ways to give up smoking.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ping





  注意:1. 词数100左右;2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯,意义完整。3. 开头语已为你写好。

  Dear Dick,

  One of my best friends Wei Dong has just won a scholarship to study for one year in the United States. It happens that the school which he will go to is your school. Wei Dong is one of my best friends, as I mentioned just now. He is so kind that everyone in our class likes him very much, including our teachers.. He is outgoing and strong with many hobbies and a wide range of interests. But this is the first time for him to live and study abroad I think that he will need a long time to adapt to the new lifestyle. I hope that you can offer him a hand when he gets into trouble and you two will become good friends and get along well with each other. He will not feel lonely and homesick because of your care and help. I’m sure you can share happiness and sorrow with each other. Looking forward to your letter as soon as possible.

  Dear Dick,

  One of my best friends Wei Dong has just won a scholarship to study for one year in the United States. He’ll be leaving soon, and, believe it or not, he will be in the same school with you. I have told him a lot about you and he will go to see you right after his arrival. Since he is new there, I hope you could do whatever you can to help him begin a new life.

  Wei Dong is a handsome tall boy of 18. He is a diligent student as well as a good guy to get along with. Besides his study, he has a wide range of interests, such as country music and basketball. I hope you can learn from each other and become good friends.

  Best wishes.


  作为一名高中生, 和老师建立良好的师生关系是必要的。请你围绕这个话题,根据以下要点,写一篇英语短文,谈谈自己的看法.

  1. 建立良好的师生关系的必要性。2.你认为良好的师生关系应该是怎样的? 3.如何才能建立这种关系?

  As a middle school student, it is necessary to build up a good relationship with teachers. For one reason, a good relationship can benefit our study. For another, if teachers and students get along well like friends, teaching and learning will not be tasks but pleasure. As a saying goes, teachers are like our parents. They help us, encourage us and share sorrows with us. Being a student, I agree to the viewpoint that a good teacher-student relation will make learning enjoyable and interesting. And only with the help of teachers will we fall in love with our study and realize our dream However, what is a really good relationship like? In my opinion, the good relationship is that teachers and students can talk about anything and care about each other. A good relationship should be equal and harmonious,in which we are teachers and students in class, but friends after class.

  How to set up a good relationship? To begin with, a good communication is a vital step to reach the goal. We should communicate more with our teachers. Teachers are also normal persons, so we should understand them, and respect them and their work. The best way to build up a good relation is to treat teachers as friends. What’s more, accepting their advice in a polite way is also important. As for teachers, they should treat all students equally. If so, students and teachers will certainly get on well with each other.


  Last month, a survey was carried out among 63 students from a class in Senior 1. The purpose of this survey is to get to know whether the students are satisfied with their current learning situations. The main findings are as follows.

  There are 5 students expressing their dissatisfaction with their study situation by giving it 0-4 points. 29 students are also unsatisfied, grading it at only 5 points. 21 students mark their learning situation with 6-7 points, showing a general satisfaction. 8 students, giving 8 points, are pleased with their study situation, but no one is content with it, giving a full mark.

  The fact that over half of the 63 students are not satisfied with their study situation is well worth our attention. I think 2 reasons may contribute to the very dissatisfaction. The first is that quite a few students fail to prepare themselves for the senior studies, so they haven’t adapted to the senior courses and don’t find the right learning strategies. The second is that the teaching approaches used by the teachers in senior schools may need improving.


  “Do you feel disadvantaged?” is a question of a survey recently conducted on the Internet by a website.

  About 45.1%of the officials in governments consider themselves as the disadvantaged group, so do 55.4% of the intellectuals, and 57% of the white-collars . In total, 73.5% of the netizens have a “yes” response.

  How can we remove the feeling of the disadvantaged? Views vary from person to person. 49% of the netizens questioned think we should make all people rich20% suggest that we should let everyone have a stronger sense of safety. About 10% advise making everyone have the right to choose the jobs which they like, and the obstacles in society must be removed. The rest propose that everyone should enjoy equal rights. And all people should be equal.

  I think we should try our best to remove the negative factors in the daily life and keep an optimistic psychology to face everything. In my opinion, the most important is the social harmony.


  Last month, a survey was carried out among 63 students from a class in Senior 1. The

  purpose of this survey is to get to know whether the students are satisfied with their current learning situations. The main findings are as follows.

  5 students give themselves 0-4 points, which shows they are unsatisfied with their current learning situation. 29 students mark their degree of satisfaction with 5 points, that is to say, they are not satisfied, either. There are 21 students with a low degree of learning satisfaction,giving 6-7 marks. To our surprise, only 8 students show a general satisfaction. But no one is absolutely satisfied with their current studies by giving a full mark.

  As is shown in the above chart, only a few students do well in their studies. What’s the reason leading to the result? The most possible reason is that they haven’t adapted to the study of senior schools. In other words, they are not prepared enough to study the new courses.


  “Do you feel disadvantaged?” is a question of a survey recently conducted on the Internet by a website. The result of the survey is as follows. 73% of the investigated netizens claim they belong to the disadvantaged group, including 45.1% of the investigated staff working in governments, 55.4% of the surveyed intellectuals and 57.8% of the white collars.

  How to remove the psychology of being disadvantaged is related to the stability of our society. 49% of the investigated believe that helping everyone be well off is a vital way. 20% of the surveyed think the government should take measures to strengthen the public’s sense of safety and ensure all the citizens can live a normal and easy life. 12% suggest finding ways to make people stronger and healthier. And 10% say it’s quite necessary to clear up the obstacles that prevent people entering the upper classes. In addition, 9% propose making efforts to build an equal and fair society.

  In my opinion, passing laws to ensure all citizens to enjoy equal rights is of great importance.





  Dear Mercy,亲爱的梅斯,How is everything going。