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  写人的英语作文一:我的父亲My Father

  My father is an ordinary people. He is a driver. He doesn’t receive too much education. But he is kind-hearted. He always ask me to be down-to-earth and keep an optimistic mind. Everyone likes him because of his good personality. He is always ready to help others if he can. Sometimes when he drives the old, he will not take monet frome them. He is so great. He has set a very good example for me. He is my idol. I will love him forever.


  写人的英语作文二:感恩父母 Be Grateful to Our Parents

  Since we were born, many people help us a lot. We should be grateful to their kindness. But the ones we should show our greatest appreciation are our parents. From the first day we appear in their lives, they give us all their love and care, but never expect anything in return. As long as they are there, we do not feel any difficulties, because they are always in front of our shelter, preventing us from difficulties and danger. In order to make our lives better, learn better, they do everything they can to create the best conditions for us, but ignore their own needs. Therefore, we need to cherish parents’ love and repay their upbringing. We should treat them as they treat us.


  写人的英语作文三:介绍朋友 introduce friends

  Ann is one of my friends. She is my classmate. She always dress in blue. I don’t known whether is because of her that my favorite color is blue. She is cute and naive. Our teachers always praise her in front of the class for her excellent study and great personality. I like stay with her. So does she. She likes drawing pictures. To be a painter in the future is her dream. I know she will realize her dream on day.


  写人的英语作文四:我喜欢游泳 I Like Swimming

  I'm keen on swimming, because I find it’s so cool and relaxing. In summer days, it's always very hot. We can’t do any sports but swim. While swimming, I can entertain myself. I began to learn swimming when I was eight years old. I was a quick learner. After three weeks learning, I could swim very well. So I often went swimming with my friends in my free time. But now I'm tired of swimming pools. I dream of swimming in the sea.

  我喜欢游泳,因为我觉得游泳很酷也很让人放松。夏天总是很热。 除了游泳我们不能做别的运动。在游泳时,我可以自我娱乐。我八岁时开始学游泳。我学得很快。经过三周的学习,我就可以游得很好了。所以在我的空闲时间里我经常和我的朋友去游泳。但现在我厌倦了游泳池。我想在海里游泳。

  If I'm in Zhuhai, I will go swimming in the sea every day. After swimming, I will lie on the golden beach and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Sometimes I will also pick up some sea shells or feel the sea wind. It must be amusing.




  "Blunt whetstone, plum no sweet without sweat", as a man, with diligence has neck origin.

  Diligence is not natural, but after his form. Produce many causes of diligence, ambitious and beliefs, also have a plenty of for some reason or something, and diligent in frustration. But, if work diligently, there will be successful.

  However, to succeed, light have ambition is insufficient, also must have the determination to succeed in certain, combined with the exact action, support. Only the determined, and after learning, struggle and growth of these actions, ability is qualified took sweet fruits of success.

  As hua luogeng said: "diligence redeems stupidity is good training, a hard one." Diligence can temporarily failure and frustration over, and the final success.

  If the dream is successful, the determination is the starting gun, then start when it hard to start the Mercedes, but insisted that the final seconds, can obtain the trophy success!


  An essential quality for young people is diligence.why?because it’s a foundation of our success.As a students,if we are indelent in our study,we won’t do very well and really understand the essence of knowledges.But once you make your greatest efforts to learn something by heart ,becoming more diligent,you could get a content grade.

  I remembered,when i was about 16 years old,i was addicted to beautiful romantic novels and neglected my study.So,in the first monthly test,my grades fell 10 ranking.Tears quietly falling,i even didn’t want to tell my mom the terrible grades.However,i still told my mom.she just comforted me, even smiling all the time.But i can’t stop crying.From then on,a clear and feasible learning plan came into my mind.i began to get up one hour earlier than before and spend the extra time to recite some English grammer rules,ancient poetries and kinds of science formulas.when in class, i didn’t fell asleep again but to concentrate on what those teachers said and make notes as detailed as possible in order to facilitate my review. Finally,by my remorseless great efforts,i got my satisfactory grades and in this process,i felt the happiness of hard-working.Therefore,to my mind,the most important quality for young people is diligence.


  Diligence Leads To Success All of us admire the people who are successful because we want to be the one of them. But when it comes to the question that which factor leads to success,talent or diligence? In my viewpoint,diligence leads to success. As the old saying:No pain,no gain. We will get nothing but only waste our life if we only daydream instead of working hard. Those people who are lazy and sloppy to their work and never focus on their work's importance will never succeed. Thomas Edison said:Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Edison himself is the best example:Edison was born in a poor family and he only studied three months in a primary school.

  After then,he began to make money by selling newspapers and fruits when he was only 12.Although Edison wasn't a student anymore,he still loved reading books and learning. He always used the money he made to but many scientific books and got interested in science in this way. His diligence in study lay a good foundation for his great success. In 1878,Edison began to research in the light bulb. He spent about two years using thousands of materials make thousands of experiments to choose the best material for the light bulb. Finally,Edison created the light bulb and became one of the greatest scientists in the world. His diligence in working leads to his great success. Anyone who always turns round and round in situ but admires other's success is daydreaming,so we should be aware of that we should keep studying hard and working hard. Only in this way,we can succeed


  Study hard, is never satisfied results in front, pursue further instructions, expand broader outside of oneself constantly, accumulate put forward higher learning goals. Diligent study is facing, can learn the meticulous with difficulties in my study, complete can actively identify causes of difficulty, to overcome difficulties, not solve not give up. Carlisle said, genius is an infinite capacity for hard work. Yes, if you want to become a useful person, you must set up your life goal, the goal for a period of time, the goal, a stage goal, the goal for a week, a goal of... Only one person in the target, there will be in this direction diligently, and finally to succeed.